Wednesday, March 24, 2021

"The Golden Rule is a historically-proven, cross-culturally accepted, non-religious, time-tested method for addressing social aggression and dealing with difficult people."

"The Golden Rule is a resiliency tool that allows us to remain in control and win at the bully game. But what makes bullying a game? Bullies want to look and feel like winners by dominating other people. When we remain calm and kind, we win, they lose, and they leave us alone. The Golden Rule is a force for relational change that turns enemies into friends and empowers victims.... Humanity is biologically programmed for what many social scientists refer to as the Law of Reciprocity or 'the rule of nature.' Simply stated, this principle means I’ll treat you the way you treat me. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice back, and if you’re mean to me, I’ll be mean back.... Unfortunately, living life according to the Law of Reciprocity means everyone else controls our emotions. They act — we react. We live in a constant state of response to others. This is where the genius of the Golden Rule comes in. Living life according to the principles of Golden Rule puts us in charge because we understand how to leverage the Law of Reciprocity in a way that allows us to remain in control of our choices. When an enemy is mean to us and we choose to be kind back, we reverse the flow of negative behavior. Our enemy’s brain tells them to stop being mean and to reciprocate kindness. Practicing the Golden Rule frees us from living in reaction to a bully’s actions. It disempowers bullies who are seeking control. It reverses the balance of power in our relationships. It allows us to communicate from a position of strength and confidence: calmly and kindly, motivated by positive virtues of reconciliation and peace, rather than negative reactions of anger, resentment, and revenge."

From "The Golden Rule Solution to Bullying" by BrooksGibbs (Medium).

That's a 2015 article that turned up when I googled the question: Does the Golden Rule empower bullies?

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